Destination Wedding Etiquette Tips

Correct wedding etiquette is hard enough without the wedding site being miles away!

Whether you’re driving down from Bakersfield or flying in from out of state, we’ve looked up the best etiquette rules for your wedding. Out of all the resources online, we decided that the experts over at Destination Weddings answered the most common questions that our own staff comes across.

What are the bride and groom expected to pay for?
Guests are expected to pay for their own travel and lodging arrangements. Meanwhile, the couple covers ceremony and reception, and everything from food to drinks. If you can afford it, it’s a good idea to host additional events for your guests. Not only will this make them feel appreciated, it will give them more reason to feel like your wedding is a beautiful vacation!

How do I let someone know they’re not invited?
Because destination weddings are often smaller affairs, it should stand as a reasonable excuse to say the wedding is small and that only a small group was invited. This is an honest answer and will pay off better than a lie to save yourself from an uncomfortable conversation.

And who do I invite to the engagement party?
Easy: guests invited to the wedding should come to the engagement party. However, if it’s known that the wedding is intimate and small, it’s also perfectly acceptable to hold a large party for all the guests who can’t make it.

Should the couple provide welcome gifts?
Certainly! It would be quite endearing to receive a nice gift, maybe with refreshments or sunscreen. This is also a good opportunity to slip them the itinerary to keep them posted about the wedding and other events through the course of the weekend.

Should the couple host pre- and post-wedding events? Who should be invited?
Try not to go overboard with the activities, but rehearsal dinners, farewell brunches, and outings on the town will certainly be appreciated. If your guests have already come down to celebrate, might as well invite them for their trouble, but there’s no real etiquette on who can or can’t come to these non-wedding events.

How will etiquette differ from at-home weddings?
Because of all the costs of travel arrangements, wedding gifts may be smaller. Make sure to thank your guests for going through the trouble by telling them that their presence is more important than any gift.

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