For Better or For Worse: The Wine & Love Letter Box

It can be hard to believe when you are engaged or newly married, but there will come a time – many times, perhaps – when everything just seems so wrong in your marriage. He can be so harsh when you are in such need of comfort, she can be so critical when you are in such need of support, he takes his mom”s side over yours, she is always there for her best friend but not for you….

It feels hopeless, but there is something you can do. And when the butterflies are disappearing one by one and there is little heart flutter left when you look at one another, it is time for an intervention! The next time you and the love of your life hit a rough patch, when you are angry and feelings got hurt and emotions got squashed, don”t despair, just open up The Wine & Love Letter Box. Here is what it is and how it works:

Begin this project as soon as possible, because you never know when you will need it already put together. Start by selecting a small bottle of your favorite wine and two beautiful glasses. Each of you then need to sit down and write out a love letter to the other.

Think back to your wedding day, the day you met, that time when he defended you in front of his dad, when she let you shine in front of her friends. Remember back to the date where everything was going wrong but all you both could do was laugh and you knew you would be together forever. Let your mind wander to when she throws her head back in the laughter that lights your world, or when he chops wood or helps bring in groceries and his muscles look like the Brawny paper towels man. Think about your first kiss or flirting across a crowded room. Remember why you fell in love, and what is even better about your relationship now.

After you allow these to infiltrate your thinking, and let your mind and heart fall even harder in love, you will be in the right frame of mind to write your love letter.

When you are finished, do not read each others letters, but seal each letter in an envelope, then place the letters into the box with the wine and glasses. Hammer the box shut with a nail, and place as a decoration in your home.

Now here are the rules for opening The Wine & Love Letter Box:

Don”t be stingy, but do wait for when you really need it. When the going gets a little tough, when your marriage needs a pick-me-up, when you”ve lost that lovin feelin, it”s time to open the box.

Take the box and go on a picnic, snuggle on a blanket on the floor in front of the fire, or pile pillows on your bed, and prepare for a special evening. Read the letters slowly, allow the aroma of the wine to awaken your senses, and remember once again that your marriage is special, your oneness is sacred, your love is forever, and your problems are not.

The next morning, replace the contents of the box with new wine and new letters from the heart, and revel in the having and the holding.

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