To Invite or Not to Invite, This is the Question About Exes

There are people from your past that you will want to be a part of your future as well. Lifelong friends are important, and those that you choose to bring with you into your future will be the ones that you invite to your wedding to witness and celebrate your passing from one season of life into another. But the decision to invite -or not invite – an ex to your wedding is a perplexing and sensitive issue.

If you and your spouse-to-be find yourself debating this issue, take time to discuss it lovingly, gently, and honestly. If there are concerns of a love connection with the ex, then this article is not for you; you have bigger problems that must be worked out before planning continues. If trust is not an issue, make sure you let each other know that right from the start, and read on.

Peggy Post believes that exes should not be attend the wedding, but her thought is that, if there are children from a previous marriage, having the ex present could hurt or confuse the children. Although some people believe that no one can be just friends after having a relationship, others are convinced that is entirely untrue.

If, however, either bride or groom is uncomfortable with inviting an ex, for any reason, it would be best for all parties involved if the ex were simply not asked to join in the marriage celebration. It may cause one or both to not be able to fully enjoy what should be the only thing that matters on that day.

If you do decide that the ex should be invited, following a few guidelines will ensure everything runs smoothly.

When your ex comes through the receiving line, greet him or her as you would any other guest and do not introduce him or her as your ex. Simply introduce your ex as an old friend. Do not dance with your ex. There is just no reason to. If the ex is single, do not let him catch the garter or her catch the bouquet so as to not do anything to cause your ex to stand out.

Don”t spend a lot of time chatting with your ex. I am not suggesting that you should be unkind or cold, but that your ex should not receive any extra attention from you.

Last but certainly not least, the best thing you can do is to make sure your fiancee knows, beyond doubt, that you are hopelessly in love and your eyes are only for him or her. Kiss, hug, snuggle, and prove just how much your fiancee is all you want, forever.

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