Honeymoons and Hurricanes

  As summer winds down and the Pacific ocean breezes turn cooler, the Caribbean’s warm, sandy beaches can be a memorable honeymoon destination if you are looking to extend the theme after your wedding aboard one of Electra Cruises fabulous yachts. Whether you are considering a luxury cruise or a hidden resort get-away, something you may want to keep in mind is the possibility of a hurricane. Not the curvy glass filled with a spectacular rum concoction, but the kind of hurricane that can rearrange the itinerary of a cruise line, or make sun-bathing on the beach an impossibility.

 The Atlantic’s hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30th, and peaks from late August through September. But just because we have hit October doesn”t mean that tropical storms are no longer a potential threat, even though, historically, the stormiest part of the season has passed.

 If your honeymoon is already booked in the Caribbean, or you decide to go ahead and take the chance, just be sure to check out http://www.accuweather.com/blogs/news/story/38332/hurricane_season_isnt_over_yet.asp, purchase travel insurance, pack your rain gear and some games. Even if you do encounter tropical storms, it will just give you more time to snuggle with your newly-wedded spouse! 😉

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