How to Really Enjoy Your Wedding Day

You’ve planned and worked for months to make your wedding day perfect, but once the day finally arrives, it’s time for you to relax, let go of stress, and enjoy getting married! For far too many brides, their amazing day is spent trying to take care of everything and bowing to endless social expectations. Don’t make that mistake. You are marrying the love of your life! It’s time to have fun and revel in the one day you’ve spent so long planning.

Here are four tips for how to really enjoy your wedding day.


Listed as number one because it’s perhaps the most important thing you can do on your wedding day. It can be easy to forget to eat or to ignore hunger, but a hungry bride is a stressed and unhappy bride. Eat a healthy breakfast and have plenty of nutritious snacks on hand. Eat every couple of hours and don’t forget to eat lunch if your ceremony is in the afternoon or evening.

Set Boundaries

Do not let a nagging guest or fussy family member make you do something you don’t want to do. Politely excuse yourself from their presence or kindly yet firmly say no.

Spend Time with Your New Spouse

Your wedding is a public celebration, but ultimately, it’s about two people who love each other. Take a little time to sneak away either before or after the ceremony to revel in each other. When back in the presence of well-wishers, intentionally make time to dance with, talk with, or canoodle with your new spouse.

Purchase the Right Gown and Shoes

Consider how your dress and shoes will not only make you look but how they will make you feel. Will you need to constantly readjust a shoe strap or gown strap? Are you shoes low enough to be comfortable? Nothing is worse than achy, blistered feet on your wedding day! Think before you buy and you will eliminate a major wedding day stressor.

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