What Not to Give as a Wedding Gift

A wedding gift is an important purchase, and an often confusing one, too. To keep from wasting your hard earned money, and to ensure your gift is appreciated and not offensive, check out these wedding present no-nos.

Intimate Items

Lingerie, the Kama Sutra, or any sex-related books, movies, or magazines are inappropriate and embarrassing wedding presents. The couple will be more than happy to choose these items on their own!

Used Items

Anything that is used is a tacky gift, and will send a message that you were too cheap to buy them anything. There is only one reason you could ever get away with giving a used gift: if it is a sentimental family heirloom in which the bride or groom has expressed desire.

Mismatched Items

Giving anything mismatched is just bad form, and is inexcusable.

Useless Items

Scented stuffed animals, celebrity pot holders, and fertility idols are utterly useless and unappreciated gifts.

Bad Checks

Do we even need to expound on this one? If you wish to give money, cash is a better way to go, but if you do write a check, make sure you have the money in the bank to cover it!

Final Word of Advice

Always include a gift receipt. That way, if the bride and groom simply don”t care for your gift or don”t need it, they can return it. A gift receipt is always appreciated!

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