Your Guide To Invitations

Here is a short guide and some answers to the most commonly asked invitation questions:

When should I send out invitations?

Ideally, invitations should be sent out eight weeks before the wedding. This way, guests have time to clear their calendars for that date and make travel arrangements. It also gives you time to call non-responders in a timely manner before making your seating charts.

Should I include dress codes in the invitations?

Unless absolutely necessary, it is not recommended that you tell guests how to dress. If you do choose to make note of a dress code, etiquette dictates that you simply put “black tie”, “smart casual”, or “semi-formal” on the lower right hand corner of the reception invitation, never on a ceremony invitation.

Can I include registry information?

It is not appropriate to include where you are registered in a wedding invitation, and no gift information should be included. Inform your wedding party, your parents, and your close friends where you are registered and let them fill guests in if asked. Putting gift information in the invitation is always bad form.

How do handle guests bringing dates?

Address your invitations only to those invited. If you are offering plus-ones, write “Mr. Gary Jones and Guest”. People not mentioned on an invitation should assume they are not invited; this includes children as well.

When should I ask to receive RSVPs?

Setting a sooner RSVP date will result in guests being more likely to respond than with a later one. Ask guests to respond within four weeks of the time they receive the invitation.

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