Fabulous Winter Wedding Gown Fashions


If your most wonderful day is going to be during the most wonderful time of the year, your gown should be fit for a majestic snow queen. A truly unique yet classy gown is the goal, so here are a few ways to pull it together.

If you are considering Christmas colors, it is important to remember that a hint of color will be preferable to going all-out with the reds and greens. A red sash will pop perfectly against a beautiful white dress and make a fabulous and elegant holiday look.

A luxurious fur wrap is a glamorous staple of a winter wedding and will keep you warm. Just remember to have the shade of the wrap match the shade of your dress. Wearing a ruffled dress resembling winter snow drifts is an especially extravagant way to tip your hat to the season. Balance this look with a fitted bodice.

Going all out with feathers and sparkling embellishments is for the bride with a sense of holiday style. A pure white wedding gown resembling the freshly fallen snow accented with sparkly belts or jewelry provides the perfect look for the crisp winter weather.

These classic holiday styles will have you looking fabulous for your winter wonderland wedding!

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