Fit to be a Bride

The December wardrobe is mostly made up of long sleeved tops, roomy sweaters, long pants and turtle necks, and allow us to be a bit lax when it comes to fitness. But looking incredible in wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses can make those weekly workouts a necessity even in the winter months.

 Whether you have a YMCA membership, workout at home, or choose nature as your gym, there are some sneaky and even easy ways to look fit and fabulous on your wedding day.

 The easiest of exercises is to simply take a walk while holding hands with your sweetie. Park a bit away from the doors when Christmas shopping, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or take extra breaks to the water fountain at work. Running is one of the quickest and most efficient overall cardio workouts. Go dancing with your hunny and learn some new moves for your wedding. Get creative and take your fiance horseback riding, rock climbing, ice skating, hiking, or skiing. Get away from the hustle and bustle of planning the wedding, and go to a park on a warm day and play Frisbee, catch, or tennis. Go golfing together. Clean his bachelor pad or get together and work on decorating the place the two of you will be living. Get online and find out if there are any outdoor activities happening in your area and go. Go to a local zoo and wander through the lighted Christmas displays. The best way of all to shed all-around pounds is to kiss up to your sweetie. Just ten minutes of kissing burns eleven calories!

 To look your best on your big day, there are several ways to make specific areas of your physique look their best. Whether your dress shows off your sculpted arms, sleek waistline, fabulous calves, shoulders, or back, spot toning exercises will accentuate these features.

 For a fitted waist: Turbo Jam”s Ab Jam, side bends, traditional crunches, P90X”s Ab Ripper X, and planks all work the abdominal muscles and core.

 For a strapless or sleeveless gown: Bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, and old-fashioned pull-ups and push-ups work the arms.

 For backless dresses and those with low necklines: Rows, pull-ups, push-ups, Reverse flys, back extensions, and incline dumbbell presses work arms, back, and chest.

 For shorter dresses or those with slits: Calf raises, squats, stair climbing, and leg presses work leg muscles.

 Don”t forget to get a good tan, lots of rest, drink lots of water, and knock ”em dead!

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