Money Matters

  Longstanding tradition has said that the bride’s family pays for the majority of the wedding, with the groom’s family paying for the rehearsal dinner, as well as the invitations and entertainment for the rehearsal dinner. While the bride and groom are responsible for purchasing their beloved’s wedding rings, the presents they wish to present to one another, the marriage license, and attendant’s gifts, the parents of the bride have carried the majority of the wedding expenses.

 But with the cost of weddings sky-rocketing and many couples marrying later in life, many things have changed in regard to who pays for what. Many times, the couple to be married are paying for the entire wedding. Other modern ways this situation is being handled is that the bride and groom, groom’s family, and bride’s family split the cost three ways, the groom’s family and bride’s family pay equal shares, or it may depend on who is able to carry the highest financial burden.

 Coming to a decision on such an important subject requires open communication from all parties involved, sensitivity to others’ feelings and circumstances, and a good dose of common sense. These days, it should not be taken for granted that one set of parents are automatically responsible for paying for certain aspects of the wedding. While it may be uncomfortable to openly discuss finances, if handled delicately, doing so is the wisest course of action.

 The bride and groom should also be prepared to pay for items that they want for their wedding if neither set of parents wish to purchase them, such as alcohol or a Disk Jockey. It is an important step to discuss things that are extremely important and those things that you can do without.

 One thing that should be avoided is going into excess debt over a wedding, as this is a stressful way to begin a life together. While it may take a few months to sort out a few hundred dollars over-spent, paying off thousands should not be an option. Remember what a wedding is about; the beginning of the rest of your lives.

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