What To Ask Your Officiant


Finding an Officiant for your wedding is an important decision, and knowing what to ask can make a large difference in your happiness with the ceremony. Here are a few items you will want to consider talking with your Officiant about.

~ If you are wishing to have a unique ceremony rather than a pre- arranged one, discuss this with the Reverend. He will need to know what type of atmosphere you are looking to create, whether it is romantic, fun, spiritual, modern, old-fashioned, or a mix, and he may have ideas as well.

~ Find out how late you can make changes to your ceremony.

~Find out when she will arrive and how long she will stay after the wedding.

~ Find out what his personal religious beliefs are and how much these will be reflected in your ceremony.

~ Find out what her experience and training are and how long she has been doing weddings.

~ Pay attention to the amount of questions the he asks you. A good Officiant will find out all he can about you, your dreams, your desires, and your personality.

~ Find out how much time and effort will be put into your wedding. Does she have any other weddings that she is working on right now? Will she be available when you need to ask questions or advice?

You should be comfortable asking lots of questions of your Officiant since he will be an important and intimate part of your special day as he pronounces you man and wife.

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