3 Wedding Planning Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

If you’re planning a wedding, mistakes will happen. But more often than not, with a little foresight and forewarning, you can whittle those mistakes down to simple ones that won’t cause major wedding catastrophes. So what do you NOT want to do? Let’s look at the major faux pas, the big wedding planning mistakes you don’t want to make!

Don’t Book Your Venue Before Creating Your Guest List

Venues fill up fast, so booking yours is usually one of the first priorities when planning a wedding. But at least one thing needs to be done even before that: Create your guest list. You don’t have to have it written in stone, but a ballpark idea will keep you from booking one that is too big or, heaven forbid, too small.

Don’t Rush to Choose Your Bridal Party

You may have known who you wanted in your bridal party since you were six, but there’s no reason to – and many reasons not to! – rush into choosing your bridesmaids. You aren’t obligated to anyone, and not all of your friends have to be in your wedding party. Only choose people, weather it’s two twelve, who you want standing up with you when you say I do.

Don’t Invite Guests to the Shower That You Aren’t Inviting to the Wedding

Shower guests are honoring and celebrating you, and it’s tacky to not invite them to the wedding. The only exception to this rule is a workplace shower. If your coworkers throw you a shower, thank them graciously, but don’t feel obligated to invite them all.

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