Registries: The Bridal Wish List

Bridal gift registries date back to 1902, when the clerk of a Minnesota china store began listing the names of brides and the china patterns they chose on index cards. Marshall Field, a Chicago department store, introduced the first official bridal registry in 1924.  Jewelry stores picked up the trend in the 1930’s, and department stores and specialty shops have happily taken on providing gift registries since.

 While the idea of registering for gifts of your choosing may feel narcissistic and presumptuous, people do want to purchase gifts for you in honor of your wedding. Registries simply allow those wishing to get the bride and groom a present to know what the couple would like. This also minimizes the possibility of duplicate gifts.

 It may be a good idea to register at more than one store, and you will want to make selections in various price ranges, but make sure that you do not register for the same items at different stores. This will only create confusion and defeat the purpose of the registry. The names and locations of the stores where you are registered can be noted on informal invitations such as showers or parties, but may not be included on formal wedding invitations.

 An unusual yet fun idea is to request gift ideas that are not traditional. Some gifts you may wish to receive are a bit harder to wrap! Camping or boating equipment, garden furniture, lawn mowers, sprinkler systems, power tools, computer supplies, cases of wine, or even tickets to the opera or a sporting event, as well as subscriptions to magazines or food-of-the-month plans can make for unique presents. In these cases, you can request gift cards or a monetary donation.

 Whichever method you choose, enjoy this part of planning your wedding. Go shopping with your beloved to select the gifts for which you want to register. Not only will this be a time of togetherness, it will show you the things your partner sees as important to your home and in your life, and will ensure a coordinated look for your home. If you have any questions or need assistance, your gift registrar will be able to help you.

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