Ridiculously Fun & Unique Sendoff Tosses

Dating back to ancient Roman and Egyptian times, guests at a wedding often wish a newly married couple good luck by throwing things at them as they walked down the aisle together, or as they made their getaway after the wedding.  What is tossed at the couple used to depend on what the guests wished for them: fertility, abundance, good luck, long life together.

Uncooked rice became a traditional toss, but it was reported that birds would snack on the discarded rice and it would expand in their stomachs, causing them to explode. Not wanting to see or clean up a detonated bird, birdseed became the toss of choice. Nowadays, though, couples are becoming creative with what they hand out to be thrown.


Create a confetti bar where guests make up their own toss from the items set out. Have a a jar of glitter, one of cut-up paper, one of shiny pieces that say the word wedding. Have lots of varying shapes, sizes, and colors displayed for your guests to combine.

Balloon Release

This is a festive idea for a send off. With lots of colors and a variety of styles, a balloon release is a fantastic way to say goodbye to the bride and groom.

Silly String

This idea is so fun for the bride and groom and the guests! Get lots of different colors for tons of fun.

Beach Balls

This is a ridiculously fun toss for everyone! Offer varying sizes and colors, and have “a ball”! 😉

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