Planning Your Wedding from a Distance

The wisdom in this article came from the editorial team over at WeddingWire. They have provided us with an invaluable piece about how to plan your wedding from a distance. Luckily, several of Electra Cruises’s services alleviate the stress and difficulty that other destination weddings will bring, so I’ve gone ahead and put my own spin on some of the advice. Whether you’re driving down from the Inland Empire or flying in, this article will

Consider this your wedding weekend, not day
WeddingWire suggests treating your guests to a celebration trip that is so much more than just a ceremony and reception. Brunch, welcome parties, and any other local event you can think of will go a long way in showing your guests that you appreciate their company. Allocating some of your wedding budget to these events will definitely make your weekend unforgettable for you and your guests.

Be ready for a low RSVP return
If Newport is too far for most of your guests, you shouldn’t take it personally if guests decline! It is common for destination weddings to be small just for this reason. But don’t invite a ton of guests expecting a low turnout rate–that’s just asking for a catastrophe. Invite what you think will be the perfect number of guests, but give them plenty of time to respond. 9 to 12 months is adequate notice for a destination wedding. Not only will this give your guests time to prepare, but guests who decline early will give you room to invite others who may not have made the list to start with.

Have faith in the vendor!
WeddingWire states that you need to find a vendor you can trust, since they’ll be doing most of the planning without your presence. Luckily, at Electra Cruises, our venue doubles as a vendor service. We’re experts at planning weddings on the yacht, so you don’t have to rack your brain over how something might turn out on the yacht. You can imagine how much time and stress this will eliminate!

Plan for one visit at least
Is it worth it to come out and see the venue? You might be asking yourself. We definitely recommend getting a look at a yacht to put your mind at ease. The benefits of walking around in your future wedding space with your spouse and wedding planner will make all the difference and put so many of your worries to rest.

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