What is a destination wedding?

In my experience, I’ve come to see that a lot of people are confused about what a destination wedding really is. People sometimes assume a destination wedding takes place on some tropical beach, complete with an unconventional dress code. And worse, sometimes your guests don’t get the idea and might gripe about it. But a destination wedding can still easily be the wedding of your dreams! Let’s take a look at some of the misconceptions surrounding destination weddings

Myth: Destination weddings only take place out of the country, in exotic locales.
Fact: A destination wedding is simply one that takes place 100 miles outside of where the bride and groom live. You can go across the globe if you seek the adventure, or you can keep it local and try something a few states away. It’s all a matter of taste! Newport Beach has been a popular destination wedding spot for decades, and from a yacht in the harbor happens to be just the right mix of unconventional and traditional for many couples year-round.

Myth: Destination weddings are elopement weddings.
Fact: Hardly! When the average guest list for a destination wedding is at least 40 people, the marriage is hardly a secret get-away. Although a destination wedding could certainly be a romantic elopement, the idea of throwing a mini-vacation for you and your guests is often the more popular choice.

Myth: Destination weddings cost more than hometown weddings.
Fact: Actually, the opposite is typically true. Smaller guest lists and all-inclusive vendor packages all help significantly reduce the wedding spending. Likewise, at Electra Cruises, we help out as much as we can by bundling the venue together with our list of preferred vendors.

Myth: Only celebrities have destination weddings.
Fact: Celebrity couples may have helped bring the idea to many people’s attention, but anyone can have a destination wedding. In fact, because destination weddings are often so much more affordable than traditional types, it’s even easier for couples to get away with them. Don’t bag the idea until you’ve sat down and played with the numbers.

Myth: You have to honeymoon in the destination.
Fact: This comes down to preference and your own budget. If you’re already in an new location, you might as well stay for a while, but plenty of couples enjoy their honeymoons in locations separate from the ceremony and reception.

Myth: Guests will be turned off by the idea of a destination wedding (it sounds pricey!) and not show.
Fact: It seems like a reasonable concern, but couples are typically surprised about the actual turnout. Be clear from the start about what expenses you are and are not covering, and notify the guests with with plenty of time for them to make arrangements. Many of your guests would love the opportunity to join you for your mini-vacation and wedding as long as you give them adequate time to prepare.

Myth: The couple is obligated to pay for the guests’ expenses.
Fact: Actually, etiquette holds that guests are responsible for their own travel costs. In general, they should be paying all expenses that aren’t directly related to the wedding festivities; this even includes their own lodging and airfare. Follow these guidelines and set them early on to let your guests know what they’re in for.

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