The Art of the Thank-You Note

  In today””s age of e-mail, texting, and FaceBook, the personal touch of sending cards or letters is becoming more and more rare. While these modern ways of communication have their place, they must never be used in lieu of a traditional, hand-written thank-you note for the attendance and gift from the guests at your wedding. They can be short and simple, but must be warm and personal.

 The secret to managing thank-you notes is keeping good records and acknowledging all gifts as quickly as possible. In times past, the bride was responsible for all thank-you notes, but many couples now are sharing this responsibility. One way to add a personal element in your notes to guests is for the bride to write the note, and the groom to sign them along with the bride.

 There are a few essential elements to include in a thank-you note. Begin by thanking the giver and specifically mentioning the gift. Include a sentence about the of the item or special presentation of the gift, as well as how it will be used or where it will be placed. Close with a final thank-you and an affectionate or respectful sign-off, and your signatures. Make sure that your note sounds like you; don””t use words or phrases that you normally wouldn””t say.

 “Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” Margaret Cousins

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