Your Daughter’s Wishes


Last month I gave birth to a girl, my first child. Throughout my pregnancy, I sought the advice of others on important matters regarding raising a daughter. I received many valuable insights from parents and daughters alike. Much of the advice I received related to babyhood, toddler months, and of course, the infamous teenage years.

I also scoured magazines, books, and the internet on this topic as well. One article I ran across in my search gave advise regarding a daughter”s wedding and important things to remember when helping to plan her special day. The writer said that no matter how intimately you know your daughter”s personality, never assume that you know her wishes or dreams for her wedding. Instead, use the “Three C”s of Wedding Planning”: Consultation, Conversation, and Communication.

It is important to consult with your daughter in every area and detail of her wedding, and let other family members and those in the wedding party to do the same. If you are asked to make a decision regarding any part of the wedding without your daughter”s input, refuse. This is a simple way to show your daughter you respect her. Make sure to keep the lines of communication open, clarify when needed, and keep all parties up to speed.

With some care and common courtesy, along with lots of love and laughter, assisting your daughter with planning her wedding day will bring fond memories and a bond that can last a lifetime. Enjoy the planning, enjoy your daughter!

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