Wedding Planning Made Easy With Pinterest


If you have ever spent hours clipping wedding ideas out of a magazine, or heard yourself say, “Oh, I can just picture that!”, or wished you had an online place to store all of your inspirations, then Pinterest is for you.

Pinterest is an online bulletin board of limitless pictures, videos, and links to websites that you “pin” onto virtual pin boards. While Pinterest can certainly be another way to fritter away time and post pictures of kittens and their silly antics, when you use it as a filing system, it becomes a way to remember and arrange thoughts and ideas, and find inspiration. In other words, it is an invaluable tool for planning a wedding!

It is still relatively new, only about a year or so old, and you can only set up an account if you are invited to do so by another Pinterest user. While that sounds intimidating, receiving an invitation is simple. Anyone on Pinterest can issue an invitation, so ask your friends to invite you, or go to Pinterest”s Facebook page or and request that someone send you an invitation via email.

Once you set up your account, you can begin to create your own boards and pin your ideas to them. You can have as many boards as you like and pin as many pictures as you want, so don”t be shy. Create one for the wedding attire, another for reception ideas, bouquet and church flowers, lighting, quotes, color schemes, music, hair, accessories, centerpieces, makeup, food, drink, the cake, and anything else that you would like to collect ideas for.

After creating your boards, begin searching for ideas by keyword, or by following the boards of others that are collecting the same ideas. For example, if you follow Style Me Pretty, The Knot, or My Wedding Reception Ideas, not only can you search through all of their existing pins, but everything new that they pin will automatically pop up on your news feed. You can also pin images onto your boards off of any website.

All pins require a description before posting to your board, so choose a description that will remind yourself of why you pinned a particular photo, such as, “Ask hairstylist about this hairdo”, “Find out if the band knows how to play this song”, or “I love this, but need to find a cheaper or DIY version.”

Pinterest also has fabulous home-making and decorating ideas, recipes, hobby and fitness inspiration, baby and children”s ideas, book recommendations, game fun, music, art, quotes…anything you could imagine. And don”t forget to create a board to find inspiration for your honeymoon!

Have fun, go crazy, and get inspired. Happy Pinning!

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