Random Wedding Thoughts

 I have made some observations over the years that I am confident should be valuable to everyone! 🙂 So I have compiled some  of these “Random Wedding Thoughts”:

  1. I have noticed over the years that the need for sauntering or “stutter-stepping” down the isle is diminishing, for which I am eternally grateful. I did not saunter in my own wedding, no, indeed, I rather ran. While I would not recommend that strategy either, it far beats out the alternative. 
  2. Weddings in which the bride and groom have thoughtfully drawn up things to say to one another are incredibly enjoyable, regardless of whether or not the delivery goes as planned. Further, if it doesn”t go as planned, it adds character and warmth.
  3. Don’t smash the cake on each other’s faces. Seriously, don’t smash the cake. I have a rather strict and passionate view on this subject. If you are in private, go for it!!! On your wedding day, in front of others, displaying your first moments as husband and wife, living out the very beginning of the rest of your lives, Don’t. Smash. The. Cake. ’Nuff said.
  4. Bridesmaid’s dresses. Now here is a blog that deserves its own post! Yet, I digress, and will put it in the “random thoughts” blog. I have been witness to earth’s most gracious brides who allowed their bridesmaids to not only pick their own dress, but let them pick their “perfect little black dress” and wear them as bridesmaid’s attire. God bless those brides! This, however, does not suit every wedding. Just make sure that your bridesmaids are clothed in a dress that is not hideous, further, something they can wear again. My maid of honor was allowed to design her own dress. I told her the color and length I wanted it to be; she and her mother designed and created it. I am thankful that I chose that, considering that four and a half years later, I became her bridesmaid. She was gracious, and I can still wear the dress I wore as her attendant to this day.

 Just my two-cents……

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