Uniquely Yours?


Weddings have been taking place since the beginning of time and that means that it can be difficult to find ways to make your special day unlike any other. But ever since Jesus turned water into wine during a wedding reception, couples have been seeking ways to make their ceremony and after-party unique. Try topping that one!

I love to see those special touches, large or small, that make a wedding specially tailored to the couple getting married. But as fun as it is to plan these touches into your wedding, one mistake many couples make is allowing the quest to be different to consume and destroy the joy of planning your celebration.

If you realize that your cousin wore the same gown that you have chosen and several of your relatives attended her wedding, or remember that your best friend from childhood shares the same love for your favorite color scheme and she is getting married a week before you, or find out that your little sister”s boyfriend”s aunt also had personalized M&M”s as a party favor, doesn”t mean that you need to eliminate these from your big day.

One way to work with this is to personalize the items that are similar. Choose different shades of the same color combination as that of your friend”s wedding. Add your grandmother”s broach to your wedding dress or choose a different veil than your cousin. Or simply decide that you want those personalized M&M”s anyway and other aspects of your wedding will be uniquely yours. After all, you and your spouse-to-be are the perfect touch that will make your special day magical and unlike any other!

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