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What is an unplugged ceremony?

Why you should have an unplugged ceremony…. As told by a frustrated photographer   You spend countless hours planning the perfect day, picking the perfect dress, and drafting the perfect guest list for you and your future husband. Whether you are on a budget or not, you paid a good chunk of change for a…
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How to create the perfect timeline

How to create the perfect timeline     You’ve spent many hours putting together the perfect wedding. The right venue, the DJ who matched your personality, the beautiful flowers, the creative party favors and everything in between. The details alone can be overwhelming and if you aren’t a professional, it can be extremely difficult to…
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Wedding Rituals and What They Really Mean

Common Wedding Rituals and What They Really Mean These days there are many different “unity” ceremonies that couples will perform to symbolically unite them as a couple. Some of them I’m sure you’ve seen and others may be unfamiliar to you. While some are more spiritual and based on religious practices, others were born out…
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