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Responding to Advice

Advice. The word alone can evoke unpleasant feelings! Keeping the advice of others at bay as you plan your wedding while keeping relationships intact can be tricky, but the good news is that it is possible. offers excellent, well-thought-out ideas on this issue, and the responses presented can be used in regard to any…
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Honeymoons and Hurricanes

  As summer winds down and the Pacific ocean breezes turn cooler, the Caribbean’s warm, sandy beaches can be a memorable honeymoon destination if you are looking to extend the theme after your wedding aboard one of Electra Cruises fabulous yachts. Whether you are considering a luxury cruise or a hidden resort get-away, something you…
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Pet-Imparted Wisdom

  The biggest complaint heard among most people regarding fairy tales is that the story stops where married life begins. And, of course, that is where most of the non-fairy tale behaviors and problems begin as well. Most wedding blogs do the same; they tell you all about how to have the fairy tale wedding,…
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